The Jen-Jen Chronicles Now Available on Smashwords

goldrushg | October 8, 2017 | 0 | Company Info , Product info

The Jen-Jen Chronicles Books One and Two ad

A New Home (The Jen-Jen Chronicles, Book One) and Back on Track (The Jen-Jen Chronicles, Book 2) are now available on Smashwords in epub, mobi, and other formats, and will soon be available on iBooks!

Read the Smashwords author interview with Mark T. Arsenault here.

The Jen-Jen Chronicles is a juvenile fiction series by best-selling author Mark T. Arsenault. The series follows 10-year-old Jennifer, who goes to live with her best friend after her father is evicted, leaving them no place to live. Each book has a parental advisory about content. The books cover serious topics, such as child neglect, substance abuse, and homelessness, albeit in an age-appropriate way.

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