San Angelo Goes Gold Again!

goldrushg | October 23, 2002 | 0 | Company Info , Product Updates

Beloved Champions Setting Reacquired by Gold Rush Games

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA, ELK GROVE, CA) — Gold Rush Games and DOJ, Inc. d/b/a Hero Games are pleased to announce that they have concluded two separate agreements that transfer the well-known “San Angelo” setting and intellectual properties from Hero to GRG, and allow GRG to publish San Angelo products using the HERO System 5th Edition rules.

San Angelo: City of Heroes, a book describing the fictional city of San Angelo for use in Champions campaigns, was originally published in 1998. Two other supplements, Enemies Of San Angelo and Denizens Of San Angelo, followed, and many others were in the works. However, in 2000, GRG transferred the properties to Hero Games in discharge of certain obligations.

When DOJ bought the Hero Games assets from Cybergames in December 2001, it acquired the San Angelo properties. However, since those properties did not fit its own publishing plans for the Champions product line, DOJ and GRG soon entered into negotiations to transfer San Angelo back to GRG, and to license GRG to publish San Angelo books going forward.

“We’re thrilled to have San Angelo back in the Gold Rush collection of great gaming properties,” said Mark Arsenault. “We have big plans for San Angelo, and we’re confident that the supplements will be a strong part of the Champions renaissance the new Hero Games started with the publication of the HERO System 5th Edition.”

“Everyone here at DOJ is a big San Angelo fan, so we’re glad we could work out an arrangement with GRG,” said Darren Watts, the company’s president. “Champions fans are always eager for more support material, and if they thought San Angelo was great before, I think they’ll like it even better now.”

Gold Rush Games is planning to revamp the San Angelo line of books, bringing the setting up to date, changing the material to conform to the new 5th Edition rules, and expanding on the material presented in the original edition. “Fans will definitely want the new book,” said GRG president Mark Arsenault. “We’re planning some changes for the city and its citizens. Exactly what changes are in store have not been finalized, however, so this is a good time for fans to let us know what they’d like to see.”

Gold Rush Games plans to release new editions of the core city book, San Angelo: City of Heroes, in Spring of 2003, with supplements to follow. In addition, Gold Rush Games plans to pursue development and licensing of the San Angelo property for other merchandise and media.


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