The Dragon’s Gate: San Angelo’s Chinatown

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5 of 5 Stars! Highly detailed, with a bevy of well-realized NPCs and groups. Highly recommend.” – Judas Zeh (RPGNow customer)

5 out of 5! “WOW! …by far one of the best settings I have ever seen. Rich detail, interesting characters… worth every penny!” – Lee Perry (RPGNow customer)

4 out of 5! “…when they say ‘details’ they mean details.” – Chris Johnson (RPGNow customer)

5 out of 5, Superb! “[T]he depth and level of detail provided on the setting itself is outstanding.” – ENWorld

The amount of information in this book is staggering. I don’t know how they put that much stuff on 128 pages and kept it easy to read and visually interesting.” –

“…what system couldn’t use a Big Trouble in Little China session or two?” –

“…the number of ideas and bits that could be adapted by a GM to his personal campaign is enormous…” – Hero Games Forum

4 out of 5! “…it does what it claims to do – presents a living, breathing cityscape that can be incorporated into almost any existing city campaign. There is a lot of gold buried between the covers…” – ENWorld

5 out of 5! I would recommend this source book for anyone wanting to run games in Chinatown, even if they do not play Hero 5th Edition or other Superhero games.” –

Dragon’s Gate is a perfect sourcebook for fast action, John Woo style games. [The] Dragon’s Gate manages to retain the charm and versatility of the original sourcebook.” – Theala Sildorian