San Angelo: City of Heroes 1.5

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Note: This is a revised edition of the original San Angelo: City of Heroes book, which was originally published for the HERO System. SA:CoH 1.5 is a reprint of the original material, with character stats included for both M&M Superlink and the Action! System.



“I keep getting requests for an Astro City RPG; we’re not planning to do one – but I think any Astro City fans who want such a game should at least try out San Angelo. It’s an intricate, involving, well-realized gaming wrld, and the emphasis on the reality of the surroundings and the humanity of the characters may make it just what they’re looking for.” – Kurt Busiek, creator of Astro City

“…the very model of the superheroic city book. …one of the best RPG cities in print. …You name it, it’s in here.”
Ken Hite

5 of 5 Stars! “A must.”
Backstab Magazine #48

5 of 5 Stars! “…you’d be hard pressed to find a better superhero sourcebook than San Angelo: City of Heroes 1.5. It’s simply brilliant.” –

“Grade: A.” – Comic Life

“This is the best-organized RPG supplement I have ever read.” – Geoff Depew

“It far surpassed my expectations. …the best campaign setting I’ve ever read — for any system.” – Curtis A. Gibson

“…definitely a must have for any superhero game.” –

“…the only city sourcebook that actually feels like a city that has actually had to live with super-powered people and events. The flavor text alone is priceless!” – Carl L. Congdon

“San Angelo is the best city description out there. …a cross between the political intrigue of Ultraverse and the detailed history of Astro City.” – Richard Wells

4 out of 5! “Astounding attention to detail. The city of San Angelo is as close to a living, breathing place as an RPG supplement can make one.” – Judas Zeh (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “…excellent…” – Jonathan Thompson (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “Excellent product.” – James Dyer (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “Utterly superb! Any number of fictional comic book cities are now available…but this is the one you need.” – James Thomson (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “…simply the best treatment of a modern city that has ever been published… nothing else comes close.” – Ian Magee (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “Very excellently done.” – Allen Shock (RPGNow customer)

“…a wonderful piece of worldbuilding. It gives a great feel of a living, breathing city, populated by supers and normals with very human weaknesses and failings.” – Chris Johnston (RPGNow customer)

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