San Angelo: City of Heroes

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The following is reprinted from the Introduction section of the book.


San Angelo is truly the City of Heroes.

Some of them soar through the sky or shoot fireballs from their fingertips. Picking up a car means no more to them than hoisting a barbell does to you or me. Incredible inventions, weird creatures and travels to bizarre places are everyday occurrences in their world.

Clad in their colorful costumes, these heroes awe, amaze and inspire the rest of us.

But other heroes in San Angelo wear costumes of a different kind. They pin on badges or pull on heavy fire gear before going to work. A pilot’s helmet, a reporter’s notebook, a first aid kit or a teacher’s chalk — these are the tools of the Golden City’s everyday heroes.

And still others do nothing more extraordinary than go to work every day, just to put food on the table and a roof over their kids’ heads.

They build the houses, make the factories go, grow the food and keep the streets clean. They make the city work, and ensure that it keeps on working for their children after them.

Heroes, every one.



“I keep getting requests for an Astro City RPG; we’re not planning to do one – but I think any Astro City fans who want such a game should at least try out San Angelo. It’s an intricate, involving, well-realized gaming wrld, and the emphasis on the reality of the surroundings and the humanity of the characters may make it just what they’re looking for.” – Kurt Busiek, creator of Astro City

“…the very model of the superheroic city book. …one of the best RPG cities in print. …You name it, it’s in here.”
Ken Hite

5 of 5 Stars! “A must.”
Backstab Magazine #48

5 of 5 Stars! “…you’d be hard pressed to find a better superhero sourcebook than San Angelo: City of Heroes 1.5. It’s simply brilliant.” –

“Grade: A.” – Comic Life

“This is the best-organized RPG supplement I have ever read.” – Geoff Depew

“It far surpassed my expectations. …the best campaign setting I’ve ever read — for any system.” – Curtis A. Gibson

“…definitely a must have for any superhero game.” –

“…the only city sourcebook that actually feels like a city that has actually had to live with super-powered people and events. The flavor text alone is priceless!” – Carl L. Congdon

“San Angelo is the best city description out there. …a cross between the political intrigue of Ultraverse and the detailed history of Astro City.” – Richard Wells

4 out of 5! “Astounding attention to detail. The city of San Angelo is as close to a living, breathing place as an RPG supplement can make one.” – Judas Zeh (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “…excellent…” – Jonathan Thompson (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “Excellent product.” – James Dyer (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “Utterly superb! Any number of fictional comic book cities are now available…but this is the one you need.” – James Thomson (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “…simply the best treatment of a modern city that has ever been published… nothing else comes close.” – Ian Magee (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! “Very excellently done.” – Allen Shock (RPGNow customer)

“…a wonderful piece of worldbuilding. It gives a great feel of a living, breathing city, populated by supers and normals with very human weaknesses and failings.” – Chris Johnston (RPGNow customer)

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