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Federal Employer ID Number (EIN): 83-0643679
DUNS # 081227177
VA SDVOB Certification: Awarded

State of California

California Seller’s Permit # 103-073421

California Business Certification No.: 2010724

  • Certified Small (Micro) Business
  • Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE)


City of Elk Grove

City of Elk Grove Business Lic # 27623



City of Portland

City of Portland Revenue Division
Multnomah County Business Tax Account Number: 860006


Bid Portals:

BidSync –
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Service Categories:

NAICS codes: 323117 (Books printing), 511120 (Periodical Publishers), 511130 (Book Publishers), 541430 (Graphic Design Services), 541511 (Web page design services, custom), 561410 (Desktop publishing services).

NIGP codes: 965-46 (Graphic Design Services for Printing), 966-76 (Print-on-demand Printing Services [including Print and Distribute Services]), 915-48 (Graphic Arts Services [not Printing]), 918-76 (Marketing Consulting), 961-79 (Trade Services [facilitation, Information, Marketing, Promotion, Etc.])

FSC codes: 7530 (Stationery and Record Forms), 7540 (Standard Forms), 7610 (Books and Pamphlets), 7690 (Miscellaneous Printed Matter), 9905 (Signs, Advertising Displays, and Identification Plates)

PSC codes: T001 (Arts-Graphics Services), T011 (Printing – Binding Services), T012 (Reproduction Services), T099 (Other Photographic, Mapping, Printing and Publication Services)

UNSPC codes: 80111602 (Temporary marketing staff needs), 80111619 (Temporary creative services), 801716 (Publicity and marketing support services), 801717 (Reputation and brand management services), 82141501 (Layout or graphics editing services), 82141502 (Art design or graphics), 82141504 (Chart or graph design services), 82141506 (Package design services).