Back on Track (Jen-Jen Chronicles, Book Two) Now Available!

goldrushg | October 2, 2017 | 0 | Company Info , Product info , Product Updates

buy now on Amazon buttonBack on Track (Book 2 of the Jen-Jen Chronicles) is now available in Kindle format and will available soon in paperback!

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Jennifer lives with her best friend and her family while her daddy finds them a new place to live. Jennifer’s back in school now and having fun with her new ‘sister,’ Danielle. Her dad promised her a birthday party at the jump park but he hasn’t visited her in two weeks. She’s excited for the party but mad at her dad for not visiting her.

To cope with her feelings she pretends everything is fine. When her feelings start coming out anyway, Jennifer learns that pushing your feelings down isn’t healthy. She must decide if she can trust the Arnolds enough to share her true feelings with them.


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