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Thirteen-year-old Alastair Kennedy is an only-child, who lives with his mom. He has ADHD, and doesn’t have any brains. He’s pretty much a nobody.

Life at school is boring and uneventful until Alastair’s mom hires a tutor to help him with school. Alastair slowly learns from his mysterious tutor that his world isn’t the only one. What he knows as “the real world” is merely a dream of a dream world.

A dark force is bent on destroying Alastair’s world as part of a plan to build a better one. When Alastair’s life-long friend is captured, he realizes the only way to save him is to stop the enemy.

Alastair, with his tutor and new friend, travels to the original dream world to destroy his enemy and learn new secrets: Secrets about his own life. Secrets about dreams and reality. Secrets about life itself. He learns the “truth.”

Alastair’s constantly wondering: What is human and what’s not? What’s reality and what is a dream? Alastair must go past the limits of his own beliefs to find the answers as he adventures through the original dream world, as he travels… Beyond.


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About the Author

Jenna Eve is a budding young author and a fan of science fiction. Visit her author page at You can contact this author through via the publisher or via e-mail.

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Jenna Eve


Susan MacDonald






226 pgs.

Publication Date

November, 2017

Trim Size

5.5 x 8.5"


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