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Jenna Eve is a talented young author. She is excited for her future, which includes writing books and teaching English in Japan. She also enjoys traveling and visiting memorable sites. She’s been to San Francisco, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and Atlanta, among other cool places.

Jenna has many interests, including musicals, fandom, science-fiction, anime, and techno music. She loves writing about the worlds she creates. She loves to read as much as writing. She loves to learn and does well in school (even if it is a little boring at times), and she enjoys trying new things.

Jenna’s first published work is a young adult sci-fi novel, Beyond (2017, Gold Rush Publishing). She looks forward to writing other novels and short stories in the future. Jenna tends to talk about her characters as if they’re real people. She enjoys reading sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and mysteries. If she had the opportunity, she would spend most of her time in a library.

Jenna lived in California for many years but now lives in the majestic mountains of the Pacific Northwest with her family and pet dog, cat, and horses.

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